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The Currency Of Koinonia

The Currency of Koinonia

In the world of modern corporations, the word partnership has an explicit meaning. In fact, it is this meaning which is laden throughout the text of the New Testament, when A PRISONER called Paul (who happens to be an apostle of the Church) writes to the various house-churches around the Roman Empire. The common language was koine Greek, so understandably, Paul, the Apostle prisoner, wrote his letters in that language, and consistently utilised a particular word, koinonia. Paul urges the believers in Corinth to partner (koinonia) with him – in a joint venture – of proclaiming the Gospel and seeing the reign of God (his Kingdom) acknowledged by all peoples throughout the earth. To invest not just their money in the Kingdom of God, but their time, talents, treasures, indeed their whole self in the Gospel; in its proclamation, and in living it out in faithful obedience to God. So join us as we examine the currency of koinonia.

The Currency of Koinonia

06 Nov 2016

Series The Currency Of Koinonia

Speaker Neil Taylor

Text 2 Corinthians 13:5-14