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Foundations of Faith

Ep 1: Adoption

As we start to draw toward the end of the year we'll be focusing in on the foundational beliefs that are core to our faith. Join us for Episode 1 as we explore Adoption, and how we can help people to feel part of the family. Following on from last week's children's story (a Saving Faith) and building on this week's, the practice of welcoming each other as equal brothers & sisters is one of the great foundations of our Faith.

Ep 2: Redemption

Join us for Episode 2 as we look at another one of the cornerstones of the Christian faith and that is the idea of Redemption: Jesus paid the price to free us from the prison of sin and has welcomed us into His family to live out His Way as we walk with Him.

Ep 3: Justification

Join us for Episode 3 as we look at Justification and what is its relevance to Christmas? Let's go to the source and find out what Paul tells us in Romans 3.

Ep 4: Salvation

To round out our series, join us for Episode 4 as we focus in on the plan of Salvation, according to Matthew 7. God's great rescue plan that sees Jesus as 'our hero' and how his coming can change the outcome of our stories.