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Our Values

Values we share as a community:

The gospel

We passionately value the good news about God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ, and are committed to the mission of communicating and sharing it with others. Guiding them to a knowledge of Jesus, so they too can follow Him and tell others, extending the Kingdom of God.

The Bible

The Bible is our handbook for life: the foundation of our beliefs, our identity and how we should live today. The Bible presents the historical account of God's eternal plan, to bring us back into relationship with Him through Jesus.

Gathering together

Christians live a life set apart for God's purpose, and it's impossible to do in isolation from one another. We value simple, real gatherings that allow us to seek and learn more about God and be more like Him. We worship God in gratitude and share in communion to remember Jesus sacrifice for us. We also gather to witness believers' baptism by immersion.

Equal before God

We value the unique contribution of each individual believer (we understand there to be no elite 'priesthood'), and are committed to equipping believers and releasing them to participate in ministry and mission on the basis of their giftedness and capacity. We believe God brings us all together with various gifts to be a blessing to one another and to be blessed by one another.


Being a servant church, responding to human need and committed to servant leadership. We value the biblical principles of servanthood and therefore seek to be a servant church committed to responding to human need (physical) and the human condition (spiritual) with love, hope and compassion.


We value the dignity, equality and inherent value God places on all people: accepting people as children of God regardless of gender, race, belief system or financial position. Therefore, we will work for social justice and equal opportunity for all people, as we offer the love and salvation of Christ.

Read about our stances on some specific areas


We genuinely value the close fellowship, community and collaboration of all those who accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Therefore, we passionately seek to promote unity in the wider church and are committed to the one church under Christ. We participate in the Wyndham minister's fellowship and display a keen openness to close co-operation with other Christians in worship, witness and service - promoting unity with all of God's people.