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Kids Church

Children's Program

Jesus placed great value on children, they were not left out as he taught his disciples... in fact they were often central.

Newstart Church recognises the blessing children are, each to their own family as well as to our broader church family. We actively involve children in the life of the Church and encourage them to be kids, to have fun, to learn and grow and understand more about our God who loves them, and will never leave them.

On a Sunday, our children share in our up-beat worship with their family and, approximately 20 minutes in, head to the Kindergarten Rooms for their specific kid's program together (see an example below).

With games, art & drama, story telling, prayer and more our kids are developing deep values that will set them on good paths and with the knowledge of God's unconditional love for each of them.

The children's time often also includes eating together (please make sure we are aware of any food allergies).

Towards the end of the Church Service, the children come back and do a little 'show & tell' about what they've learnt. Before rejoining their families for the closing songs.

Parents are very welcome to accompany their children to help them settle in, and to see first hand the fun they have at Kid's Church.
Please contact us if you have any questions about our Children's program

Excellent Curriculum

We've been really pleased with the Sharefaith curriculum. Take 10 minutes at home with your kids, with this example session.

This Bible story brings to life a famous example of wisdom, compassion, and generosity. The woman of faith from Proverbs illustrates that a godly life is founded on Christ and reminds us that true beauty lies within. As you read Proverbs 31:10-31 don’t just focus on the woman of faith's actions, reflect on the heart behind them. She is humble, selfless, and gives her life freely for the benefit of others. Modelling herself on the life of Christ who gave his life for us!

Discussion Questions

Proverbs 31 points out many wonderful things that the woman of faith does. But, there is one common them: she gives her life away for the benefit of others. When we sacrifice our lives for others we follow the example of Jesus (Galatians 1:4).  

Two big ideas stand out: wisdom and kindness. First, we should carefully consider the words we use and make sure they are grounded in God’s truth. Second, when we speak to others our words should always be kind. Harsh language may feel good in the moment, but they never help in the long term.  

We tend to think of beauty in terms of appearance, what something looks like on the outside. But Proverbs 31:30 shows us that external beauty fades away while lasting beauty comes from building our lives upon the Lord.  

Closing Prayer

Dear God, thank you for the example of a godly life that you show us in Proverbs 31. Help us to understand that true beauty comes from who we are on the inside and from centering our lives on you. We pray these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Sunday School children's program caters for Toddlers through to grade 6.